Extraction Point 2021

Index of Extraction Point

Index of Extraction Point

20210 h 01 min

When a UFO is taken down by the government making it crash, Nemon (Farid Jamal Khan) is taken to a secret Laboratory ran by Dr. Silva (Joe Bei) for anything and everything evil. Becoming close with Dr. Silva's assistant Terry (Tara London) she saves him from the laboratory and asks for the help of her friend Ricky ( Anthony Castro) unknowing they are way out their league. Not knowing what to do they turn to Ricky's brother Jason (Franklin Correa) for help since dr. Silva's agents ran by Agent Monroe (Valentin Montero) and his protege' Agent Kelly (Bryan C. King). Now it's a Race Against Time to get Nemon safely to his extraction point.

Director Franklin Correa
Runtime 0 h 01 min
Release Date 29 June 2021
Movie Media Blu-ray
Movie Status Available
Movie Rating Not bad

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